Friday, July 3, 2015 a tent

Tyson had the bright idea that we would love to go camping. It sounded like an adventure, so we were all in. We packed up ol' Martha and headed west to Manistee, MI. 

We settled into site 33...with our barely used tent and lots of bug spray. Then we made some delicious "camping food" and set off to see Lake Michigan - which was a really short walk from our site.
Things were great until 2am when Tyson got up to pee and I landed on the ground - swallowed up by our rapidly deflating air mattress. It was all downhill from there. 
We sucked it up and headed back to the beach. The kids had a blast in the lake and the sand. Nolan was fearless - crawling straight into the cold water like it was no big deal. 
After the beach - we set off to Manistee for a quick shopping trip. Once we were close to civilization we looked at the weather and saw rain was on the way. Cue the U turn...we went back to our campsite, packed it up (as our kids, all 3 of them, napped in the car). We headed north to Traverse City for the Cherry Tree Inn. Best decision ever. Hot showers, good food, an indoor pool, and on-site laundry. I was able to get rid of about 75% of the sand & dirt...and we all smelled better, too.
It was a fun trip! We will try it again in a few years...maybe.

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