Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Warsaw visits Northville

 Last weekend my parents came to visit from Warsaw. Grandpa Jerry brought Jack's golf clubs up and that meant they HAD to take a trip to the driving range.
Josie got a left handed iron and she was ready to practice, too. She takes after her Grandpa Jerry & Uncle Jon. We're 85% sure she's a lefty.
I won't lie - I was pretty impressed with Jack's hits. For rarely playing - he can smack the ball.
Friday night we went to Jack's last baseball game. The mosquitos ate us for dinner - but we had fun watching.
 And Jack got a trophy at the end - so he was pretty pumped.
Nolan spent some time with his buddy Roomba. Roomba was my mother's day gift and Tyson's father's day gift to each other. Can I just say - I FREAKING LOVE Roomba. More on her later...
Josie and Grandma made some art together, as Tyson and I got things around for our camping trip up North.

Always good to spend time with the grandparents. Hope they find their way back before they head south. ;)

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