Friday, September 18, 2015

3's Preschool

Tuesday was Josie's first day of 3's Preschool. She is SO excited for her school year! This year she will have her teacher from her 2's class - Mrs. Laux and we can't wait. She's going 3 mornings a week. Nolan will sure miss his big sister.
I went with her on Tuesday and it was fun to watch her interacting with her new classmates. Bossy might be a word you could use to describe her. I like to pretend she's just being a "leader" - but she could definitely work on her delivery. She does LOVE playing with other people. Do I think she will have zero problems at school? please. She will definitely put up some battles for Mrs. Laux...but I'm excited for her to find her way.
This is just classic Josephine. "This is my princess pose, mom." It works. I like it.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! She is looking so cute in these pictures. I am glad that she didn’t cry on her first preschool day. Next year I will also enroll my daughter to a famous Phoenix pre-k. I hope my daughter will also be as much excited for her pre-k!!


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