Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Better Together

We spent our last week of summer doing lots of activities together. Tyson was traveling for work last week and I was only going SLIGHTLY insane. Some days the laundry, the fighting, the cooking, the whining...it can all make me (and, honestly, any sane human) a little crazy... But then your kids have a moment like this...
Look - we actually DO know how to use civil voices when we talk to each other and we DO know how to share toys. {Praise Jesus.}
Oh - and look at us - playing on a playground together...like we enjoy one another.
It only took an entire summer.
And Mr. Nolan is getting more brave with his standing up. Still not actually walking - which is perfectly okay. Jack and I have made a bet. I say Nolan will be walking by Halloween. There is a candy bar on the line. Make me PROUD, Snickers...I mean, Nolan.

GUESS WHAT - it's the FIRST DAY of Kindergarten. Kindergarten. If you need a moment to process this...let me take you back to THIS. Because holy smokes... Kindergarten.

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  1. Nice to find out this behavior is normal! Thought we were the only crazies out there. And baby Jack!!! ahhh.


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