Thursday, September 17, 2015

Soccer Star{let}

We rushed back to Northville on Sunday to watch Josie play her FIRST soccer game. She was PUMPED. This summer I was ready to take her to ballet...and on the day of her first class - she threw a major fit. Wouldn't go. She told me "NO! I don't want to do ballet - I just want to play soccer." I was a little shocked...mainly because she's such a girlie girl, but I didn't push it. (Honestly - I may have been secretly happy about it.)

So Sunday she laced up and went out on the field like she owned it. And she sort of did. The girl has some serious determination. She scored 3 goals. And after the game - Jack asked her who won. I was about to tell him they don't keep score...but Josie piped up "My team won. We had 7 and they had 1." We call her "mini-Nancy"...who, once upon a time, got A LOT of penalties playing field hockey.

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