Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jack is 6!

Last Friday Jack turned 6! He took some birthday treats to school and we donated a book to his classroom.  Then that night we had a couple soccer friends over for pizza, cupcakes, and then we took them to Chuck E Cheese. It was a fun and exhausting night!
At 6 - Jack is energetic, lively, and eager to please. He loves soccer - well, all sports, really.  He's a team player on the field - giving high fives and praise to his teammates (and the other team). He plays hard and almost always has a great attitude.  He loves video games (because he IS his father's son), Minecraft, and Pokemon cards. Jack is learning so much in Kindergarten (and at home with mom). We are starting sight words. He is a caring kid - who adores his brother and sister. We all love him. Hope year 6 is a GREAT one for him!

Happy belated birthday, Jack!

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