Sunday, January 31, 2016


We spent my birthday weekend at the lake with Nancy & Denny. Nolan got in a lot of lap time with Papa Denny. And added "papa" to his vocabulary. Now whenever I ask him where papa is - he walks around the house yelling "Papa?....Papaaaaa?"
Tyson and I escaped for a nice, quiet, adult only lunch...we drank Zombie Dust beers and then returned home to a really special BIRTHDAY FORT...built exclusively for ME by Jack & Josie. The Zombie Dust must have caught up to Tyson because I think he took a little snooze in there.
Nancy knows the way to my heart. She got me a Betty's Cake and it was SO AMAZING. Seriously. This is my official allegiance: Betty's Cake Shop in Warsaw WINS - BEST CAKE. If you know a better one, please share because I've lived in a lot of different places and she is still winning.

I'm 34. Age is a crazy thing. I don't love getting older - but it's inevitable - so I tell myself to age gracefully. I hope I'm singing the same tune in 6 years.

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