Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Lake with Agnes

We spent a few days celebrating Christmas and ringing in 2016 at the Lake with the Idaho Beckers. Nolan broke in the new farm sink - by letting Grandma Nancy give him a bath in it!
 Coop's big butt was there. Tucker's too. And that dang dog jumped in the lake. More than once.
 Josie modeled Kristin's Wonder Woman apron.
 Tyson and Devin smoked some delicious chicken...We are in for some really good meat this summer!
 Agnes and Nolan spent some time catching up.
Early morning meet-ups were popular. Sleeping arrangements with 6 adults, 4 kids, and two dogs can get dicey. We all left the lake a little more tired than we were when we arrived.
And Jack proved he's worthy of being the big cousin. Both Jack and Josie were excited to help feed Agnes.

Looking forward to many more weekends at the lake! Maybe next time warmer temps will make everything a little better.

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