Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Marketing...on a budget

My etsy store is doing a bit of shifting, as I'm adding some adult shirts to my store. Marketing them is always a challenge...and then you add in some kids, freezing temps, and "OH MY GOSH WE'RE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!" 

I look at real life fashion blogger moms and I'm like - NOPE. I'm just not buying it. 
I recruited Nolan for this picture. We are sporting matching shirts. He was cold and mad. Jack was the photog. Yes, in my 6 year old son.
The "photo shoot" took approximately 90 seconds...because there was a one year old model, a six year old photographer, and a four year old who wanted to be in every shot.
Josie was tasked with the job of making Nolan look at the camera. She wasn't happy about not being included in the picture. It was also "pajama" day at preschool...and I didn't think potential customers would appreciate unicorn jammies...but perhaps I'm dead wrong. I should definitely reconsider.
After school - Josie changed IMMEDIATELY - because she said she "needed to look pretty, not stinky." (Ummm, my pajamas beg to differ on that opinion) ...and then we took a selfie.

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