Monday, February 8, 2016


For Christmas this year I bought Tyson two tickets to the IU vs Michigan game in Ann Arbor. It was also a gift for myself (technically) - but I did give him the chance to take a friend. He still took me. :) We secured a sitter and headed west! The game was SUPER late - 9pm start! So we had dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin (really good!) and then went to the game.
The next day was going to be National Signing Day for College Football - so Jim Harbaugh had some VIPs in town for the game. Just below the court - you can see Jim & John Harbaugh being interviewed for ESPN. Jim Leland, Mike Shanahan, Denard Robinson, Phil Helmuth, and some other former UofM players were there, too. Star-studded night.
The game started off rough. We were surrounded by UofM fans who had NOTHING good to say about Tom Crean. They did praise Yogi for his leadership this season...but then they posed the question: "Who is worse - IU fans or Kentucky fans?" And I couldn't even. Luckily, IU only took the first 8 minutes to get themselves in shape...and it was ALL UPHILL after that.
 We were WINNING and we were happy about it.
This was about 30 seconds after the game ended. But - as you can see in the background - SO many people left! Most left at halftime after IU went on a 25-0 run. They knew it was over. The IU fans in attendance stayed until the very end...because we don't take BIG10 wins...on the road, lightly. It was definitely a good night to be a HOOSIER in Michigan.

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