Monday, February 1, 2016

Oh, Winter...

Winter in Michigan is just crazy this year. It's freezing one day, then 46 the next (and NO Florida people, that's NOT freezing). We play outside when it's above 45...because we're mentally strong and we like fresh air.

But when it's SUPER cold (like, you FL people would think you were in Antarctica) we have to do the indoor thing...and then things just get crazy.

Nolan plays with my pots & pans, under my feet, while I'm trying to cook dinner. Try that sometime.

Also - Jack does some live performances for us:
Oh, and, sometimes we get lucky enough to enjoy a private rap concert...but then Nolan thinks he's the star:
And Josie is just side-eying everyone:
Winter in Michigan. Only 3 months left. 

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  1. Jack-with your techno dancing skills, you will blend right in over here in europe! Just need some glow sticks.


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