Wednesday, March 2, 2016

And it's March...

Whoops - doing a TERRIBLE job at blogging. I've been a little busy. Michigan decided to recognize WINTER - just as winter was we've had some snow days and that's always interesting.
Baseball season is underway. We dusted off the Tigers gear and we are ready to see what Detroit can do this season.
We've had some lazy days spent watching movies on the couch. Cooper isn't complaining. Such an old man.
Snow arrived - then left - then dumped on us - then left again...and, wait for it... CAME BACK last night.
Our faces say "we like it" but our hearts say "STAY AWAY SNOW!"
For the record - there is nothing cuter than a baby in a snow suit.
Nolan discovered legos. He likes them and he does a decent job using them correctly. Third child - leave them alone and they find ways to entertain themselves appropriately.
Josephine is channeling her inner "Florida retiree" with this get-up. We are heading to Naples/Sebring for Spring Break, so she's just getting a head start.
Aside from Legos - Nolan is also OBSESSED with reading books. Obviously, this is 100% fine with me. 
Jack is doing well in Kindergarten and is really enjoying making art. He's meticulous and detailed in his drawings...and he's a perfectionist. I have no idea where he got that trait...

So that's the update for half a month - that I failed to blog about. I'll be better.

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