Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 Months...3 Year Check Ups

All the Christmas Crazy meant we missed Nolan's 4mth appt with the pediatrician. Oops. So we scheduled his appointment for 5 months...and I'm pretty sure he'll survive. He is doing quite well, actually. This guy weighs 18.10lbs (that's up 11lbs from birth!) and he is 26in long. I think he was 90th percentile for weight, 53% for height, and 70-something for head size. ("70-something"....only for a third child)
Miss Josephine was a healthy girl, too! She was 38in tall and a solid 35lbs. I was a bit shocked that she's in the 66% for height, because - let's be honest - she is a Becker. But it seems she may have some potential height in there. WooHoo!

Josie has really changed in the last few months. She is talking so much and she's actually really funny! After the appointment we were driving home and she took off her boots, then her socks. This annoys me. I started getting crabby with her, as I was driving... And she put her sock on her hand, lowered her voice, and said, "Hey! Don't say that to me...I'm Josie Becker." (using her sock like a hand puppet). What am I supposed to say to that? I died laughing. You win, Josie Becker. You win.

For reference - HERE are Jack's 4mth wellness stats.
I don't know where Josie's 4mth stat post is...but I believe she was put on a "diet" that visit, so we prefer not to remember that time in her life.

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