Friday, February 6, 2015

Napping Problems

We currently have a napping problem in our house. I wish it was the kind of napping problem where everyone actually NAPPED and, like, LOVED to nap. That would be a great problem to have. But no - it's that NO ONE likes napping (except Josie, most of the time). Nolan is a cat napper. Give him 20 minutes in the car and he thinks that's just perfect. This picture was taken after I dropped Jack off at school. Total trip was about 30 minutes...see that face? That face says, "wow, I feel hold me."
And then there is the five year old...who I know doesn't need a nap every day...but sometimes, late nights and early mornings catch up to him and he just needs to sleep. But "naps-es are BORING" - according to him. I documented this on that when he's 18 and trying to nap the afternoon away...I can run into his room, throw open the curtains, and say "WAKE UP, JACK! NAPS-ES ARE BORING!!!" I think he will really appreciate it.

Speaking of people who love naps - today is Grandpa Denny's birthday! Happy birthday!! We'll be sending a little something special via the Nancy Express on Saturday (after she returns from Idaho).

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