Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome, Agnes Ruth Becker!

Jack, Josie, and Nolan are PROUD to welcome their new baby cousin - Agnes Ruth to the family! She arrived a week ago TODAY - January 28, 2015. She was 3 weeks early and she was exactly the same weight as Jack (also 3 weeks early) 6lb 3oz and 19in long. We are happy to report that both Agnes & Kristin are home and doing well.
My favorite picture.
Nolan would like to know how Agnes got SO much hair.
Look at that squish! She's beautiful! We can't wait to get our hands on her...all 10 of them!

Since Nolan is the baby of our family...he would love to be able to impart some of his wisdom on his new "baby" cousin (who will someday be in the same graduating HS class as him). He'll be doing random "Dear Agnes" posts. Check out his first one tomorrow!

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