Monday, February 9, 2015

Potty Prize

Josie has been working hard over the past month or so - using the potty. If you are familiar with me and my "potty training regime" you will know that I'm not a fan of a regime at all. Basically, I hate potty training.

My philosophy is: Wait until the child is old enough to get it ALL and then insist he/she use the potty. If the regime begins to fail - pull out ALL the stops with some amazing Potty Prizes. Offer anything. (Let's be honest, whatever it is, it's cheaper than diapers and better than cleaning up poo) Also - Josie LOVED for me to stand outside the door with my back to her and say, "I'm listening for pee pee." (so weird, but it honestly worked)

So, anyway, Josie finally got it ALL (goes without prompts, wipes, pulls up her pants, washes her hands). And as a prize she chose an Olaf balloon. {really?} You may remember her brother chose a bike. So...yeah...

Unfortunately, Olaf lived a short life.

12:30PM - Olaf is blown up in the store
12:45 - Josie poses with Olaf outside the store
1:15 - Olaf and Josie play
2:15 - Josie leaves Olaf behind while she goes to pick up Jack from school
2:45 - Josie returns home and shows Jack her Olaf
2:46 - Olaf takes a bat to the stomach. Done.

I'm sure you can imagine how this played out. I literally walked to the end of the driveway to get the mail and when I walked back into the house ALL HELL HAD BROKEN LOOSE. Josie was crying. Jack was hiding. Nolan (who had been catnapping in his carseat) was now awake and screaming. By the time I'd handed down Jack's punishment - I had THREE crying children and it was still WAY too early to pour myself a glass of wine.

In case you're wondering, Jack's punishment is that he has to give up his "life savings" to replace his sister's balloon. This was a HUGE blow, since he was saving for a new Skylander. Bummer.

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