Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Visit to the RenCen

Last Tuesday the kids and I visited Tyson at work. We always have a fun time when we go for a visit. Josie and Jack were most impressed with the Palm Trees that live in the Winter Garden there. Josie was hugging them - in true Tree Hugger fashion.

We tested out some cars. All of them got HIGH ratings from the kids. They were both BIG fans of the Lime Green Chevy Spark...and - when I pointed at a beautiful blue Corvette and asked Jack which one he would want...he chose the Spark. Fine. But I have a feeling he'll be changing his tune over the next few years. {Also, for the record, NO BECKER CHILD - in this family - will ever drive a Corvette on their parents' dime}
 After the car testing - we enjoyed lunch in the food court. Big stuff for the kids!
 Then we jumped on the elevator and went to meet Tyson's "work friends" (as Jack calls them). Josie worked on some Excel Spreadsheets...
 And Jack caught up on some light some barges passed on the Detroit River.
 Nolan was just happy to be along for the ride {literally}.

Little tidbit - I have never been to Canada. And every time I'm downtown Detroit I think "I'm just going to grab my passport and drive over there." But I still haven't done it.

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