Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Dinner in Milford

Nancy and Denny came for a visit last weekend. Saturday night we took them to the little town of Milford, MI for dinner and some ice cream.
Josie went for the "superman" ice cream...and I cringed because she was wearing cream pants. Mom fail.
Nolan may have had a few licks of vanilla ice cream. He *MAY* also eat other things that I NEVER would have handed Jack at 8 months old. Pretty sure he's fine.

 It was a gorgeous night and we had a fun time sitting outside.
"Do I have something on my face?"

It was a great time! We had dinner and drinks at Palate. One of our new favorites - because its great for date night and is also family friendly. Hey, Milford - two thumbs up for you!
 Sunday morning - Tyson and Nancy hashed out some lake house details.
And Denny busied himself with coloring...Josie was eager to get her "papa" involved in her art.

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