Saturday, April 11, 2015

Crazy SB 2015

We have had a WILD and CRAZY spring break this past week. I don't want to make anyone jealous...but we had a picnic on a sleeping bag. That's right, PBJs for everyone.
One afternoon - all THREE children napped at nap time. It was a unicorn. It will NEVER happen again until they're all in High School/College and by then - I'll be bustin' down door and pullin' up blinds.
We also had fevers. <---PLURAL. As in EVERY child had a fever at some point in the week. Poor Nolan was the worst off. He was running a high temp for a few days. He went to see the doctor on Friday and was diagnosed with {pre}pneumonia (as in, it's coming?!?!) He's on a steroid for his lungs and some antibiotics. I was really hoping to avoid meds...but I think it's better to avoid the NICU. 

I'm sure everyone will be super jealous of our crazy week. We totally lived it up. Don't try to replicate this WILD week. :)

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