Friday, April 8, 2016

Florida Part 1

We spent our Spring Break in Naple, FL - visiting Uncle Jon, Cassie, Grandma Shirlee, Grandpa Jerry, and my grandparents (Grandma & Grandpa Gigi). We made a decision to fly this time - since Nolan would go crazy in the car for 20+ hours. The flights were a bit stressful - but a 2.5hr non-stop flight was definitely the way to go.
Once we arrived at Uncle Jon's we were SO excited to be in his pool! The kids were in water 80% of their visit. Uncle Jon's back patio has a pool, hot tub, and plenty of room for family dinners.
Nolan dipped his tiny feet into the ocean for the very first time and LOVED it. He was a little hesitant at first...but ended up loving the sand and the waves.
Jack and Josie had SO much fun digging in the sand and Jack had a great time playing in the water. He tried boogie boarding for the first time and did well! My Michigan kids are Beach Bums after all...
And...Nolan put in some time consulting for both Clevenger Insurance and Arthrex (Uncle Jon's company). His opinions were highly valuable. All he does is work, work, work, work, work...

(More to come from our trip)

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