Saturday, April 9, 2016

Florida Part 2

1) Josie met a dog named Josie. 2) The whole gang. We have grown from a group of 4 to a group of 9!
When we visit Florida - we always look forward to seeing our good friends Jeff & Jaime Moses. Our friendship goes back to our days at IU. We've spent plenty of FUN times with them over the years. It has been SO fun watching our families grow together over the past 6 years!
 Our crew...Landon (2), Nolan (1.5), Josie (4), Cameron (5), and Jack (6).
We spent the morning on the beach! It was crazy fun! After the kids were completely worn out - we headed off for a late lunch and ice cream. Then we let them burn off their sugar highs at a park... Our drive home was a 15 minute battle to keep everyone's eyes open. And my kids were ALSEEP by 6:45pm.

We HEAR that the Mosi will be planning a trip up north this fall. (If I write it on the internet - then it MUST be true). Come NORTH, Moses family! We can't wait to show you MICHIGAN!

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