Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The rest of Spring Break

How Nolan "snacks." Lord, help me.
I'd like to say that the rest of our Spring Break was all rainbows and sunshine...but it wasn't. The weather was cold and miserable. We were all still WAY over-tired and it was quite an adjustment.
We had a temper tantrum in Kroger...because she wanted chocolate milk. I insisted she probably wanted Kids Hot Chocolate. Nope. Chocolate Milk. I bought her the chocolate milk and then she was MAD because she actually DID want the Kids Hot Chocolate. I was supposed to be able to tell the future AND read her mind. Luckily she threw a fit in the alcohol aisle - so I picked up a bottle of wine as a reward for myself later in the evening. It was only 10am.
 On Friday we took a chilly stroll through the zoo. Our zoo is open ALL YEAR - which is awesome! A lot of the animals were super active. Always fun.
We ended our Spring Break with a quick visit to the lake. Nolan thinks he's so funny with his over-sized shoes & jacket. The lake is a nice, quick get-away for us! So excited to spend time there this summer!

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