Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy Birthday - School is CANCELLED

So - Tuesdays are MY days. They are the ONLY day, all week, when I have a few hours alone. Not even a lot...just a few. I love Tuesdays. And I was SUPER excited that my birthday fell on a TUESDAY this year - because what says "YAY, 35!" more than a pedicure and a solo stroll through Target with a coffee? Nothing.

So at 5:45AM - when I got a phone call...(and then no one was there)...followed by a SECOND phone call at 5:50 tell me that school was CANCELLED - I felt a tinge of "SERIOUSLY, UNIVERSE?!?!?"

We had freezing rain. Yes, the roads were slick...but...ugh. Don't get me wrong - I love my kids. I do. But we had a 3 day weekend. And...well, solo shopping...

I decided I would still go to Target - because I had limited choices. So we ALL went and it was NOT peaceful or enjoyable. But Jack & Josie had some gift cards to use...and I may have found a couple things for myself. Not all bad.
For dinner - we used a Christmas gift from my parents - and ate out as a family at Center Street Grill. We are always the "party" table...and often NOT in a good way. But we had plenty of cheers-ing (yes, I made that a verb) and my kitchen - at home - remained clean.
After dinner - we picked up some mini cupcakes for everyone...including two "pupcakes" for the dogs.

Thankful for this beautiful life or 35 years. Planning on CRUSHING the next 35! Watch out, world.

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