Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Flu

Thursday afternoon I started to feel a sore throat coming on...
By the time Tyson got home from work - I was full-on sick and heading to bed.
I ran a fever all night, body aches - absolutely MISERABLE. Friday morning - Tyson took the older two kids to school and I got to stay in bed with my buddy, Nolan. If you've ever felt like death AND been responsible for a bouncing-off-the-walls (literally) two year old...then I am TRULY sorry for you. I used the iPad as much as was humanly possible. TV? sure. Snacks in bed? fine. At some point I probably would have handed him a crayon and let him go crazy...

Again, by the time Tyson came home - I was buried in my bed. I knew it was the actual flu...because the ONE year I don't get a flu shot...I'll surely get the flu.
These two loyal boys were HAPPY as can be to spend hours in bed with me. Cooper never left my side, because he refuses to pass up any opportunity to nap.  Fortunately - I am feeling a ton better today...still not 100% - but SO much better than Friday. And I'm praying that NO ONE else in the family gets it.

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