Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ice Walking

We had a 3 day weekend (that turned into a 4 day weekend) this past week and we took that opportunity to head to the lake for some R&R. The lake is 1hr 40ish minutes - door to door - which makes it a perfect weekend get away. We feel like it's a vacation - even in the dead of winter.
Things started off rough - when I realized we left BOTH Josie & Nolan's coats at home. Who does that? Rookies.  I remedied the situation with a trip to the outlets. I may have also done some personal shopping for MYSELF - but whatever... Above you can see Josie acting like a dog. Not sure.
We didn't have sleds, so we used a float and some dog leashes... You do what you gotta do.
Tyson didn't enjoy the ice walking as much as the rest of us. Maybe it's because he forgot his boots.
See Tucker's pouty face? He's thinking: "Damnit - where did the water go? I wanna swim. The lake is NO FUN in the winter." {Cooper & Tucker cuss a lot - in case you're wondering.}
After dinner - we had some leftover birthday cake and these two got CRAZY! Why we have so many wig options at the lake - is a mystery...but I renamed them Willie & Wanda. Everyone slept well that night.


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