Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tag Team

This weekend I took a trip down to Madison to visit my mom's side of the family. I went down with Joe, Gina, and their bloodhound, Hank. The four hour trip was going well until we reached Franklin. Hank must have gotten carsick, because all of the sudden he was gagging out the window. I had a pillow up to my face to try and block out the smell/image of him puking. Without warning, he brought his head back inside the car and puked down the back of my seat and in the back seat, where Gina was sitting. Well - that was enough to send me into gagging convulsions. (I'm very sensitive right now) When we finally reached a gas station - Hank had finished, but I had just begun. It was rough. My dear, caring brother thought the whole thing was hysterical. Lesson learned: No more long car rides with a carsick hound 
while pregnant.

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