Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Donut Day

It was Donut Day at school today. The kids were allowed to bring $.50 and get a donut to help support a local foundation. Anyone that knows me, knows that I inherited my Grandma Peg's LOVE for donuts. Pregnancy has only amplified this love and donuts were a regular in my diet during my first trimester (thanks to Tim Hortons, Donut Cutter, and Tom's Donuts).

So, needless to say - I was PUMPED for Donut Day. I took a class order yesterday and 14 kids requested a donut. On my sheet - I wrote down 15, because of course - Baby Checker needs his fill too. The lady showed up in my classroom this morning with 15 freshly baked, Krispy Kreme donuts. They smelled like heaven. Like my first graders, I had my $.50 ready. I had also left plenty of room in my morning appetite (less Life cereal) for my donut. As the donuts were being passed out - I realized that someone who had not requested a donut yesterday, had brought their money and was buying MY donut. Of course, I couldn't be THAT pregnant despite having an unfulfilled craving and a growling belly - I let MY donut be sold to one of my six year olds. (I hope God was watching)

I spent the next 10 minutes watching 15 kids eat donuts. One little girl kept saying, "Mrs. Becker - this is the BEST donut ever! It's so yummy. Mmmmm." I wanted to smack her. It was definitely not a proud moment. My inner dialogue was saying - "Listen kid, you stole MY donut and I'm why don't you eat and shut up about it already!" Of course - instead, I smiled and said, "Yeah, it looks really good. Hurry and finish it so you can do your handwriting."

Apparently, it was my LUCKY DAY because when I went to the Teacher's Lounge for lunch - there was a box of extra donuts. You know I had one. And that little girl was right - it was very "yummy." Craving: fulfilled.

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