Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been QUITE the slacker lately...with updating this and getting things ready for the baby. Tyson worked hard to get the crib put together and then called to ask where the mattress was...OOPS! His reply to me telling him that I haven't bought one yet was - "Aren't you supposed to be nesting or something?!?!" Ummmm, yes, I do believe that will come eventually.

Right now, I am swamped with things at school. First graders (and reading assessments) keep a woman BUSY!

We have also been doing our fair share of traveling too! Two weekends ago we visited our old stomping ground - Cleveland, OH - for a friend's wedding. This past weekend we were in Indianapolis for another friend's wedding and then traveled down to Bloomington to see Devin. Along the way we were able to see a lot of great friends and I was able to indulge in some of my favorite foods. We had so much fun - but we are looking forward to a weekend at home this weekend! And I might just decide to "nest" a little...maybe...

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