Friday, August 14, 2015

Down on the Farm

Two weekends ago I put on my big girl pants and loaded three kids in the car for - what I thought would be a 5.5/6hr trip to Madison, Indiana - to see my mom's family. It was actually more of a 7.5hr trip. Or in other words A LONG A$$ TRIP. But - it was worth it! We arrived at my aunt & uncle's farm on Friday evening. My mom was already there, so we al settled in for a fun weekend.
Saturday we had a Colbert family (my grandma's side) reunion at Clifty Falls. Then I drove the kids around Hanover College - because, as Grandpa Jerry will tell you - it's NEVER too early for a visit to Hanover. I will give Hanover credit - gorgeous views of the Ohio River.
We also spend some time celebrating my Grandpa's 87th birthday! I'm so thankful that 3/4 of my grandparents are alive and healthy. My kids will have memories with them and that means SO much to me.
The farm is a VERY fun place for a 5 year old and a 3 year old! See Jack up in that tractor? He got to ride along with Uncle Larry to bale hay. Highlight of his summer!
Josie put on her boots and went to the chicken coop with Aunt Debbie to collect eggs. Surprisingly - she didn't break any!
Even farm girls can strike a pose.
Grandma Shirlee was there to lend a hand. Traveling with 3 kids is crazy. I'm a little crazy.
But - as I said - it was absolutely worth it to see so many people we miss and love.
And on Sunday - I loaded my crew back into the car and drove home. Fortunately it was only 6.5 hours back. Looking forward to our next visit to the farm. But in the meantime - I need to consider getting my pilot's license.

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