Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch

While Jack was at camp - I decided to spend a morning with my Josie. We used to get LOTS of one-on-one time - but then Nolan came along... So last week Josie and I got dressed up and went downtown Northville for a play and lunch.

Our cute local theater is doing a production of Little Red Riding Hood. Josie LOVED it. She was SO into much so that she yelled out at the Big Bad Wolf - not once, but TWICE...DURING the show. Eeeek. It was really funny. And luckily - we were far from Broadway. But she was SO into the play, she couldn't contain her excitement. 
After the play - we grabbed some lunch at a fun local diner and, of course, ice cream - because it was Josie's special day. 

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