Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Dear Nolan,
You are ONE today. And I'm probably crying about it somewhere. One year ago we met in a tub of warm water. There were no tears, we made eye contact and I knew you were a special boy. I have been savoring every stage of your infancy. But today you become a toddler. A switch will flip and right before my eyes - you'll start growing up faster and faster. Moms really need a pause button. 

Let me tell you a little about yourself as a one year old.

You are quite the ladies' man. You give high fives, hugs, and even BLOW kisses to people (especially cute teenage girls).

When we are at a store or the library - you work hard to make eye contact with people and then give them a shy smile when they acknowledge you. You are FULL of personality.

In our house - you're still a favorite of your brother & long as you aren't trying to steal one of their toys.

You have dog bowl radar and will beeline to the dog water as soon as I put it down - so you can splash in it.

You are a master "bear crawler" and have started standing up without assistance. I can see that we are a few weeks away from excuse me if I push you down. We aren't ready for that.

You love hanging out in the pantry, because you know the food is in there. You love food. You get really HANGRY (anger brought on by hunger) when I take too long getting your dinner or snack.

It only took you 11 months to sleep through the night. I love you, but I was not sad to reach that milestone. Middle of the night visits were wearing me out, kid.
Your dad tells me you are our LAST baby. Our hearts are full and you have completed our family. Your first year felt like it flew by faster than Jack or Josie's did. Tomorrow you will wake up and move into toddlerhood...and time will keep flying. I'll hang on. I don't want to miss anything. With your big brown eyes and auburn hair - you'll always be my baby boy (even when you're grown).

Happy first birthday. You are loved. Always.


  1. This totally made me cry. Soooooo many similar feelings Momma. Happy Birthday little man:)

  2. This reading is so sad! He is such a sweet little boy. He is so expressive, such a flirt, so smart and has a beautiful soul. We are ALL blessed to have him in our life. Love you little guy!


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