Monday, October 14, 2013

Clevenger Halloween/Christmas

We were back in Indiana for the weekend and we got a chance to catch up with some friends & family. Saturday morning we stopped by the Maile's - to see Katie (Beehler) and Max. Their little guy, Benjamin, was so sweet about sharing with Jack & Josie. We had fun!

Then, after naps, it was off to Plymouth for Clevenger Halloween/Christmas.
 Josie and I teamed up for a girlie pumpkin - complete with eyelashes and a kiss-face. (see it below)
Jack was SO excited about playing with Elliott and Owen - I barely got any pictures of him. Meanwhile, Josie was chumming with everyone and, therefore, is in A LOT of pictures.
She managed to eat bubbles. Not sure what that was about. And she became BFFs with Ada. My grandma made a traditional "Christmas dinner" and it was DELICIOUS! Jack and Josie chowed down...{and so did Kady & Tyson.}
Jack & his "boys" took a break from wrestling/football/being boys - to pose for a picture. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to be around my cousin's kids...a welcome reminder that Jack is ALL boy and perfectly normal.
Josie tried on Grandpa Gigi's glasses and I think they looked great on her! What do you think?

Last week was Fire Safety week! Make sure you hop over to Mumbling Mommy to see my post on how to talk to your kids about Fire Safety!! {See! I still have some Insurance Agent in me.}

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