Sunday, October 20, 2013

In The Big House

We had some special visitors this weekend…and as you can see - Jack couldn't wait for them to get here. We used a tracking app to watch where the Carstens were on their trip here. And when their "arrow car" landed on our "orange dot house" - Jack ran to the door and yelled "HEY GUYS!!!"
Friday night was a sleepover - complete with three superhero sleeping bags and one snow flake blanket (pretend sleeping bag) for the little girl. Saturday morning brought donuts and rain. Boooooo rain.
We got all the kiddos dressed in their IU gear…and Josie added some cupcake frosting to her face. Cute.
Even Baby Devin got in the Hoosier Spirit!
Tyson, Matt, the BIG boys, and I headed off to Ann Arbor for the IU vs Michigan game in the Big House. "Cold and wet - with a side of tired" - would be the words I'd use to describe our time. Grandma Nancy drove up to watch Josie - which was very nice of her!! Josie wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes at the game.

We made it through one downpour, one trip to the bathroom, and one visit to the concession stand - all before half-time. Then - we headed back to Northville.

Here is our final group picture. Cooper & Tucker even made it in the shot! We had a great weekend! Thanks for coming to visit us, Carstens!

PS: Bad weekend for sports. IU lost. Tigers lost. Lions lost.

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