Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Make a Bad Guy: a tutorial for Moms with Boys

This is a little "How To" for moms with boys. Especially boys who like Superheroes and fighting "bad guys." In my house, there are LOTS of "bad guys" and Jack has an inherent need to fight them. I'm pretty sure this is just built right into boy DNA. Unfortunately for Josie, she is usually on the receiving end of the fight. So last week - after I'd had just about all the "bad guy fighting" I could take... I came up with a solution. I made a Bad Guy. Here's how:
1. Find a cardboard box. We always have plenty of these lying around thanks to our addiction to Amazon. The box above was from our latest order of dog food (yes, I'm THAT lazy).

2. Tell your little superhero to wait. This might be the hardest step. See Jack? He's asking, "One more minute, Mommy?"

3. Find some paper and draw a Bad Guy face. Give him a mean mug. Jack requested red eyes.
 4. Add a construction paper shirt (we went with the "prison" look) and give him a name. Our Bad Guy is "Bart."

5. Turn your Superhero loose on the Bad Guy and stay out of the way. Also - you may want to keep tape nearby, as you may be called on for some repairs.

6. {THIS IS A NEW ADDITION & Optional} Jack recently heard the song, "The Final Countdown" by Europe. So now he requests we play that song as he is fighting the Bad Guy. Go ahead and take a second to imagine's hilarious.
Josie approves and is grateful that Bart has stepped in to alleviate her duties as the Bad Guy. She watches from the sidelines and cheers Jack a supportive sister.

**We don't condone violence in our home - however, boys really like to hit things. As you know, if he's not hitting Bart - Jack also likes to hit home runs.

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  1. Love the bad guy idea! Perfect for my little Jack and great he is not hitting Josie. Tanks for sharing. Love. Amma Shirlee


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