Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monster TRuck Rally

 The other day, while Josie napped, Jack talked me into racing Monster TRucks in our driveway. It was a Monster TRuck Rally, if you will...
 Jack got the BIG Monster TRuck...
And, as you can see, I got the small Monster TRuck. Can you guess who assigned trucks? FYI - my little truck held it's own just fine - I'll have you know...
And then Jack got gansta. When someone asks, "When did Jack Becker get so gansta?" Just show them this picture. He's like a mini-Kid Rock or something. Detroit. It's in the blood.

{Sidenote: The hat Jack is wearing was one of my cousin Chad's hats. Jack picked it out when we were visiting my Aunt & Uncle. It says Big Johnson Guns. He likes it because it's orange camo and because it would look damn good at a REAL Monster TRuck Rally!}

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