Thursday, October 3, 2013

We're heading South

The kids and I are heading south today. We have some people to visit…we may visit some cows, pigs, and horses, too…but mainly people. Pretty important people - who my kids don't see enough. So if you're looking for us this weekend make your way to Commiskey. We'll be on the farm.
Josie did some light reading to study up on farm animals. She's kind of obsessed with them.

If you have a second - stop by Mumbling Mommy today to see my post on Educated Birth! I promise I don't get too graphic (but I will, if you want me to).


  1. Awesome blog about two different births - I shared exactly the same experience as you with the first born and second born. And I cannot agree more that I would opt for a natural birth again if I get pregnant which I won't!!! :)


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