Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Down on the Farm {Part 2}

Saturday morning we woke up to find that one of the cows was having a baby...in the field...by herself. {apparently this is common for cows} I couldn't help it, my mommy instincts made me feel for this mama cow. Uncle Larry reported that the feet were out. No big deal. He sat down and ate some breakfast. By the time we got out to the field, the baby was standing up and her mama was giving her a "cow tongue bath." Talk about amazing. We left the mama and her baby - and headed off to North Vernon for the Farmer's Market.
The afternoon brought rain and a tractor ride for Jack. He was in heaven. We also "helped out" with feeding and Jack rode on the four-wheeler...again, in heaven. Uncle Larry was his new best friend.

 Oh look - I got in a couple pictures! {Thanks, mom!}
Jack may not look excited about riding the tractor & the four wheeler - don't be fooled. He talked about it the whole way back to Michigan. He also asked when he could go back to The Farm...

My answer: "When Aunt Debbie, Uncle Larry, and Grandpa Walker recover from our visit...it may take a while."

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