Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bloomington in the Fall

Tyson had some recruiting work to do at IU on Thursday and Friday...and this time I said, "I'm coming along...and I'm bringing the kids." We needed a change of scenery. And let's be honest, is there any place more beautiful than Bloomington, IN in the fall? Answer: NO!
Thursday night we dropped Tyson off for "work" and the kids and I headed to Bryan Park. It was cool, but we managed to stay warm by playing (on everything) and then Jack found a hill for us to run up & down. By the time we left, we were sweating and ready for some dinner...and I had JUST the answer!
Is there anything more delicious than Aver's pizza? Answer: NO! We enjoyed a Crazy Avers special - which is still CRAZY cheap, by the way! And had a picnic on the hotel floor. It was BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket).
Friday morning we woke up early and dropped Tyson off at Kelley. Then the kids and I enjoyed breakfast at the Bakehouse. I think we only minority (not a word) traumatized the patrons...but the syrup covered table was a whole other story {Sorry, Bakehouse!}. After a hearty french toast breakfast, we walked down the street to the WonderLab - a kid's science museum. It was awesome! Jack & Josie spent 2+ hours running around, doing science-y activities, and having a blast! Money well-spent.
After a failed attempt at a nap - we packed up the car and made our way to Kirkwood Ave for some shopping {IU gear}, lunch {sadly, no Nick's}, and a stroll on campus. By 2:30 we were back in the car and ready to pick Tyson up from his event. Before I pulled out of my parking spot - Josie was asleep. And before we made it to 10th Street - Jack was asleep. They had so much fun!

{Funny side story: Josie recognizes the IU symbol and will yell "IU!" really loudly when she sees it. So - you can imagine how shopping in the Varsity Shop went down, not to mention a walk on campus. Within a 3 minute span - she had pointed at 5 different college kids and yelled "IU!" at them. Fortunately, they all appreciated her enthusiasm.}

Make sure you check back later this week for Bloomington Through Jack's Lens. He hi-JACKed my camera a few times. And let's just say, he knows how to work the "continuous shooting mode" on my camera.

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