Monday, November 4, 2013

Get to Work, Son

We are trying something new around here - chores. Yes, the 3 year old has been put to work! Jack - like most kids - thinks he gets whatever he wants. If you ask his grandparents - he should get whatever he wants... But if you spend 5 minutes in the toy section with him, you'll understand why I felt he was ready for chores.

First of all, he told me "I want to do work and make money like Daddy." Great. I thought hard about what could be expected of a three year old and referred to my friend, Erin's blog for advice, as well. Then I made him a chore chart and put it up on the refrigerator.

Here are his chores:
Shirt = get yourself dressed
Hanger = put your clothes away (PJ's, socks, & underwear)
Dog Bowl = put the dog bowls away after their meals
Smiley face = good behavior (at home & school), listening and following directions

He earns a quarter for each "X" he gets. The picture above was taken Thursday (I back dated his "Getting Dressed"). He earned $2.50 for the week...and says he is saving up for a "really big robot."

Personally, I think he has seen the Jetsons - and thinks he can buy his very own Rosie (maid) to do all the work for him.

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