Sunday, November 3, 2013

Window Markers

The other day - while shopping at Target - I stumbled upon some Crayola window markers. And I had to have them! I mean, my kids HAD to have them! We bought them and tried them out...and loved them!
I think Jack liked them because he felt like he was doing something he shouldn't be doing...yet he wasn't getting in trouble. It was a perfect solution to a 3 year old rebel.
As you can see, Tucker admired the artwork from the outside. He was impressed. It was pretty easy to clean up too! I just used Windex...but it took a couple cleans to get it streak-free. All in all - I think these will come in especially handy during the long winter months.

{Crayola - I know you don't pay me to review your products, but I happily would...if you needed me.}

Finally, if you are searching for a TV series - look no further. The Blacklist is on NBC and it's pretty much amazing. You can catch up on all of the episodes you've missed on or on the NBC app. Amazing, I tell you...

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