Thursday, November 14, 2013

More with Boxes

It's that time again. Dog food delivery...which means an extra large box is hanging around our house. Boxes = pure entertainment. Here's a tip - skip the hundreds of dollars on Christmas. Get the kids some new pajamas, a couple "big" gifts, and then just give boxes. It will only be detrimental when they go to school and tell people they got empty boxes from Santa.

Anyway, you may be wondering why Josie (in her pink stripes and polka dot pajama pants) is staring at a box...
Because...there was a JACK in the BOX!
And later there was a BART in the BOX.

Did you happen to notice Bart's new tape-job? He needed a little help...poor guy.

We are sending some LONG distance love to Uncle Jonny...who is the newest resident of The Sunshine State! He made his journey south like a modern day Columbus - with only a flip phone and a map to guide him. He will be living in Naples, FL and we look forward to visiting him soon...or taking over his house when he travels...

Also LOVE to Grandma Shirlee in Guatemala. Enjoy the beans. XOXOXO


  1. Oh believe me, I am enjoying the Black Beans. They are so good! I still can't figure out why Josie is in a mixed unmatched outfit/ PJ. She has more clothes than I do. Hugs to all and keep me posted on the kids and boxes. Love you guys!!!!! Grandma. Shirlee

    1. She was wearing jeans before nap time, but we all know it's not comfy to nap in we swapped them for PJ pants. XOXO


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