Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Here's to DePauw...

This post is sure to make Grandpa Jerry happy. He loves DePauw. He makes very large donations...oh wait. Grandpa Jerry MADE very large donations - in the form of 8 years of tuition. And let's just say, DePauw isn't his favorite place.

Grandma Nancy, a fellow alum, actually DOES love DePauw...and will enjoy this:
The Monon get-together had some great "swag" from the Alumni Office. I made sure to grab two pom poms for Josie. She loved them and used them to cheer for IU during the game Sunday night.
 Jack cheered too. (Has anyone noticed Cooper the Creeper yet??)
 Then Josie pretended she was a blonde.
And then Jack did too...except he had a receding pom pom hairline.

Aunt Kim - who actually WAS a cheerleader at IU - will have to show Josie the correct moves to the IU fight song. I made some up, but overall, it was a fail. I DO, however, know all of the words and moves to the Jefferson Elementary fight song...if anyone gives me enough wine...I may just perform it for you. (Go Trojans Spartans! Fact: they changed the name from Trojans to Spartans because of the condom brand. Only in Warsaw.)

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