Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Last night was Trick or Treating in Northville. We had two ninjas and a last minute costume change, Josie decided to go with her Princess costume 100%. She was a pirate for school, but by 4pm her costume was trashed. Good thing we had some backup options.
 Nolan's FIRST Halloween. HI -YA!
 The red ninja is ready for candy.
It was cold. VERY cold. And windy, and rainy, and awful.
Tyson and I needed adult beverages to help warm us up! Our drinks got colder the longer we were out with the kids.

Success! Lots of delicious candy to rot our teeth!

Don't worry - Nolan didn't participate in trick or treating. He passed out candy with grandma & grandpa at home.

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