Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nolan is 3 Months old!

This little guy is 3 months old today! Its getting hard to remember life before he came along - but that could be the 3 months of not getting a full night of sleep...
Regardless - it is safe to say he is very well loved on in this house! He is smiling so much and has even let out a few giggles. So far I'd say he reminds me of his big brother. Which means I will need significantly more booze in my life in about 12 months! {send wine}.
See what I much love.
Ridiculous amounts of love.
I keep telling him to enjoy it while it lasts because pretty soon they will be ratting on him for everything from breaking their toys to sneaking beer from the fridge.

Happy 3 months, NoNo. We all love you to the moon!

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