Saturday, November 22, 2014

Josie is {almost} 3!

So I recently realized that Josie will forever have a birthday that interferes with two important things: 1) her parents' anniversary and 2) Thanksgiving. Our anniversary doesn't mean too much right now - but LOOK OUT - pretty soon we will be traveling to exotic locations. {probably not} But Thanksgiving is a legitimate concern because her friends will probably always be out of town or busy. Poor Jos.
Since her cousins were coming to town, I called up Betty's Cake Shop and we planned a Birthday Party for the {almost} 3 year old.
Tyson's cousin Blake, his gf, Laura, and Nuala came to celebrate with us!
Bad News: my camera was on a weird setting and all of the fun pictures - party scene, blowing out candles, etc. turned out blurry. The Good News: Josie had a blast! She loved having people sing to her, she loved blowing out her candle, she probably won't miss the crummy pictures.
That's the face of a very happy {almost} 3 year old! The booze in the background were for the After  Party. Adults only.
And - it's official - she's a BIG GIRL! She has her very own sleeping bag!

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