Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Happy Anniversary to Tyson! We are celebrating NINE years today! Life is hard, marriage is hard, kids only add to the "hard" - but he's been my best friend since the day we met at DePauw...and I love him so much.

Here are some highlights of our years...
 The very first picture we took together - Sept 2000
 Just me and my best friend..."I could NEVER date Tyson"...
 Oh wait, never mind. Married November 26, 2005
We QUICKLY added to our family...with our Cleveland street dog, Cooper.
And then our family just kept growing!

We've dealt with our fair share of this:
And PLENTY of this:
 Our kids are SO lucky to have you as their Daddy!
And I'm blessed to have you as my husband. You still make me laugh...even when I'm REALLY mad at you. You are my birthing coach (x3) and I must say, we're a good team. You are my sounding board, the person who keeps me grounded, and the person I couldn't live without. And all these years later - you're still my best friend. I love you.

PS: Next year is #10...and we will FINALLY take our honeymoon. That's final. Now who wants to watch our three kids?!?!

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