Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's up...

...with the Becker Three.
Jack has been REALLY into building things with Legos. He was recently introduced to the regular size Legos and Tyson & I have enjoyed watching his creativity come alive. Here he is showing a "Robot Monster."
Josephine is still enjoying her Mommy & Me class. Last year I worried that she would be sad to be away from me...and now I know that's entirely FALSE. She would be JUST fine without me.
Nolan spends his days cuddling with his mom, napping in his carseat (because we are always on the go), and he's also earning his keep as a MODEL for the Printed Poppy.
Last Friday night we had family pictures taken. If ever there were a person who didn't believe that the TERRIBLE 3's are worse than the TERRIBLE 2's...just come hang out with Josie when she's tired. She's hands-down the most stubborn child I know. She wasn't interested in taking pictures. So heads up - our Christmas card might be a little on the "BAH HUMBUG" side.
And finally, Nolan recently received an elephant towel from two friends he will come to know & love - Mark and Karen Dixon (lake buddies). Bath time is his favorite time of the day, so this towel is a big hit. Tyson didn't believe me when I told him how excited Nolan gets for bath time. He can anticipate it. Then I had Tyson give him a bath and he saw it for himself. Pure joy.

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