Friday, November 21, 2014

Snow. Seriously.

Unfortunately snow season is upon us. I used to think winter was only a few months - but then last winter was so long, I'm still scarred from it. So when snow started falling on Metro Detroit - it was everything in me not to start cussing out Mother Nature. Because, seriously.

Of course, I tried to stifle my disgust - Jack and Josie were so excited and really wanted to play outside.

15 minutes to get gear on, 10 minutes of playing in the snow, 15 minutes to get the gear off.
Lord, help me.

If you live in a state that thinks 50 degrees is cold...{ahem, Florida!} - we don't want to hear about how awful it is to throw on a sweatshirt before you leave the house. And here's a heads-up...if this snow BS continues - you may just have "Becker Party of 5" (plus two dogs) knocking on your door. Except we will have a moving truck instead of a suitcase. #truth

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