Saturday, January 7, 2017

Are you still here?

I've been a terrible blogger. Apologies. Things got CRAZY at the end of 2016. We have 3 busy kids and I'm running a side-business that feels like a full-time job {at times}. So - I swear, this time I mean it - I will do a better job! Nolan is going to have a huge gap in his "life events" and it's all my fault.

Recap of the end of 2016:

Teeth were lost! Jack has now lost 4 and Josie has lost 2. Nolan has come close to getting a few knocked out...

Fall happened and it was unseasonably warm...which made all of us HAPPY!
For Halloween we had a Kylo Ren, a Snow White, and her side-kick Dopey (sorry, teenage Nolan...I thought it was cute).

After a low-key Thanksgiving - we helped Josie celebrate her 5th birthday! She's a WHOLE HAND now! She had a Tea Party with some friends and it was a very fun time! (See previous post)

For our 11th Anniversary - Tyson and I took a parental time out and flew down to Key West for a long weekend. We had SO much fun...eating, drinking, and honestly, sleeping!!! Yes, I took many naps and slept past 9am. Uncle Bill has a few condos down there and was gracious enough to let us stay in one. He also took us on a bar-hopping tour of Key West and it took me a full day to recover.  Our friends, Jeff & Jaime, came down from Miami too! It was SO much fun! Oh, and we took a very adventurous jet ski tour.

We prepped for Christmas with Josie's Live Nativity program and then SANTA came! His BIG gift this year was a bounce house for our basement! Nolan is one happy kid.

For Christmas we spent time in Fort Wayne, with Agnes (visiting from Idaho) and in Warsaw with Uncle Jon, Cassie, Uncle Joe, Aunt Gina, and all the cousins. Too much fun was had! It is always great to see the kids playing and spending time with their cousins. We wish we were closer to everyone!

So - that's the wrap on 2016. Lame, I know. But I really will be better. 2017 will be an EXCITING year in the Becker house!

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