Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to Barnard

Today was the last full day for the kiddos at Barnard! Hard to believe! Jack and I stopped in for a visit to say "hello" and "goodbye". First we saw Miss Kelly and Mrs. Haezebrouck in the office and Jack had some smiles for them! Then we headed to the teacher's lounge and saw SO many VERY nice people (with very sweet voices). After lunch, we headed to Room 2. Jack was a HIT! WAY more popular than his momma! The kids loved his blue eyes, asked if he could walk/talk yet, and all loved touching his "soft feet." I enjoyed seeing the kids! They have changed so much in just 5 short months. They are officially ready for 2nd grade.

As you can see, Jack was wiped out after his visit! He was so good. He just looked around at all of the kiddos - with wide eyes. He was probably thinking, "I know YOU! I heard your name A LOT in my mommy's belly."
No visit to 1st grade is ever complete without an array of artwork. Apparently, cakes were the popular thing to draw today.

I will admit...I miss first grade!

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